Blue Eye School District is a Character Plus School!
Character Words of the Month



At Blue Eye, we believe that building positive character in our students is a VERY important part of their everyday lives. We try to encourage our students to live and treat others as they would like to be treated by talking about and showing them what a great thing good character is. This year's character theme is "Good Character Rocks!"

Blue Eye Schools have been involved in character education for the past 9 years and all three of our buildings are members of the Missouri Character Plus program. This year, we also teamed up with Stone and Taney county school and First Place (Partners Linking Arms for Character Education). The character words for all Stone and Taney County school are listed on the left. We would love to have our community businesses add our character word of the month to their marquees or signs so that all of our community will be aware of our character trait of the month.

Please join us for our assemblies in each building! We would love to have you!
High School and Middle School: Character assemblies are the first Tuesday of each month.
Elementary Character Assemblies are every Monday morning.

If you have any questions about our character program, please contact Angie McDonald or Mike Fransen.

Courage--Facing difficulty with bravery.
Respect--Treating others with courteousy and honor.
Responsibility--Taking over ownership of what you say and do.
Citizenship--Being loyal to your country.
Compassion--Caring for others.
Commitment: Being true to your word.
Honesty: Being truthful in what you say and do.
Cooperation--Working together toward a common goal.
Perserverance--Demonstrating persistent determination.
Self-Discipline--Training and control of yourself.
Patience--Waiting calmly.
Patriotism--Showing love for one's country.